July 1996

In order to serve you better, we at CMC Magazine ask that you tell us what you think about the magazine and a little about yourself. We appreciate your feedback.

There are fifteen questions on this survey; it should take you less than six minutes to complete.

Typically, how much time you spend exploring CMC Magazine's Web site per month?

How would you rank CMC Magazine?

What about it being online only?

What about its hypertext design?

CMC Magazine sometimes has long, in-depth features and columns. Is that acceptable to you, or do you avoid anything that's more than a screen or two long?

Are you inclined to:

Do you think you're likely to:

What do you think of our graphics?

Would you like regular e-mail notification of new issues?

Which WWW browser do you use most often?

What is your primary data connection speed to the Internet?

How old are you?

What is your gender?

What is your highest level of formal education?

What is your category best describes your primary job?

Comments you'd like to give us?

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