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Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 3, Number 7 / July 1, 1996

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* Gender and Computer Networking
Gérard Martin tells about how a school for young girls participates in a world-wide network of similar institutions.

* Book Excerpt: Social Relationships in Electronic Forums
Rob Kling introduces chapters in the second edition of his book on society and computers. This introduction examines social relations that people develop when communicating via computers.

* Editorial: Decency or Politics?
The Communications Decency Act was declared unconstitutional by a panel of three U.S. federal judges. Why is the Clinton's justice department appealing that decision?


* Book Review: The Wired World According to Women
Leslie Regan Shade reviews the new book wired_women: gender and new realities in cyberspace that relates women's varied experiences in cyberspace.

* Call For Articles: Labor Online
Amelia DeLoach calls for participation in a special focus for our November issue on how and why unions and labor groups use cyberspace.

* Call For Articles: What is CMC?
John December calls for participation in a special focus issue about the definition of computer-mediated communication.

* The Last Link: I Have Seen the Enemy and it is Me
Stephen Doheny-Farina offers his opinions on interactive advertising and the loss of privacy online.

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