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Call for Articles: Hyperfiction and Criticism

by John December

The December 1996 issue of Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine will focus on World Wide Web-based hyperfiction and literary criticism related to the theme of computer-mediated communication.

The Hyperfiction Contest

Associated with the issue will be a hyperfiction contest with cash prizes. The editorial board of CMC Magazine will award prizes to the Web-based hyperfiction submitted for publication which best:

  • weaves a compelling artistic narrative/statement;

  • uses one or more of the Web's expressive possibilities (hypertext, hypermedia, and interactive programs (e.g., Java, JavaScript)) to support aesthetic effects, not merely technological prowess; and

  • evokes, explores, or narrates the emotional and social experiences of computer-mediated communication and interaction.

The prizes to be awarded are:

  • First Prize: $250

  • Second Prize: $100

  • Third Prize: $50

Entrants are responsible for knowing and following all ^contest rules. Prize winners will be published in the December 1996 issue of CMC Magazine. Void where prohibited.


If you're an experienced hyperfiction writer, a talented fiction writer interested in trying hyperfiction, or just plain creative, consider submitting to our December 1996 issue.

As a starting point for you to find out more about hypertext fiction, visit HYPERIZONS: Hypertext Fiction, an excellent web maintained by Michael Shumate with pointers to hypertext fiction as well as theory and technique; his web also includes a good selection of other webs to visit.

Literary Criticism of Hyperfiction

We also seek essays exploring the literary genre of hyperfiction or which review or critique Web-based hyperfiction for publication in the December 1996 issue. Potential writers should look at the "Policies" section of CMC Magazine's Index and should query before submitting.

This issue will mark the first time CMC Magazine will publish fiction, and is another step in helping to articulate this magazine's identity and role in the Web-wide discourse about online communication. [TOC]

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