Masthead CMC Magazine / March 1, 1996
 Grrrls Exude Attitude, by Amelia DeLoach

What movement?

"I'm not even so sure it *is* a movement per se," Amelia says.

Lynda is equally as candid, "I am not a part of it. I am definitely a feminist, very interested in seeing more equality among gender lines. But I'm not political particularly or dogmatic. I just live what I believe."

Aliza, the founder of the international Web-grrrl movement, notes that "I've never felt part of any movement although now I do feel a bit like a leader, guiding women onto the Net to express themselves and empower themselves. ...I just think women should follow their own movement and get inspiration from other women and also give back to women and girls so they have rolemodels and further inspiration."

Even RosieX doesn't feel that she's part of a movement that's emerged since the time she and Aliza first launched their sites. "(The developers of geekgirl) are all too busy to have online Tupperware parties and notice change. I think that's a sign of cyberfeminism in action and a sense that women do get on and do it without creative piggy backing." ^

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