Masthead CMC Magazine / March 1, 1996
 Grrrls Exude Attitude, by Amelia DeLoach

RosieX explains . . .

"I've been using computer mediated communications for 6 years and for the first few years I was appalled at the Internet "boys club." I experienced all the negatives about the Net: the cowardly bullying and flaming that anonymity permits; overt sexism & harassment; plus some pretty unpleasant cyberstalking and taunts online.

I created geekgirl as a vehicle to express my ideas, about feminism/cyberfeminism. The publication has always incorporated a disparity of feminist views and opinions, plus a range of topics which are my personal faves, from cryptography to alien abduction and techno music. geekgirl is an eclectic goop melange . . .

From the moment I viewed the WWW it turned me on! Better than Net sex or a piece of cheesecake, the WWW said this is what you've been waiting for--grab it! plug in! and produce some in your face attitude your detractors will respect. That's pretty much what happened and although I still have friends who prefer IRC or Usenet, I consider the WWW my political home--it's just so kewl. It's everything a polymediaist dreamed of.;)" ^

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