Masthead CMC Magazine / March 1, 1996
 Call for Hyperfiction and Criticism, by John December

The Hyperfiction Contest Rules

Here's the rules for CMC Magazine's hyperfiction contest:

  • You must get your full entry to CMC Magazine before October 1, 1996 at noon Eastern Standard Time to be considered for the contest. You can do this in several ways:

    • You can email all the support files and text of your entry (HTML files, Java source code, etc., with instructions) to You could do this in plain text or as a uuencoded file. Please check well in advance of the deadline to make sure we can unpack your entry--if in doubt send plain text, with each file in a separate email message with the subject line as the name of the file. If you use Java, you'll have to send your source code.

    • You can make your files available at a ftp site where we can pick them up. Email the location and instructions to

    • You can send your entry on a computer disk to CMC Magazine's postal address.

  • Hyperfiction writers are free to use, abuse, or ignore CMC Magazine's navigation symbols.

  • CMC Magazine will not be liable for lost or misplaced entries, or entries which don't work (can't be deciphered, faulty code). Entries sent on physical media can't be returned, nor will entries which have been rejected stored. Don't send your only copy or delete your best copy.

  • All executable code (for example, Java scripts or programs) will be checked for security and is liable to be rejected for any security reason.

  • The theme of the entry must relate to the experience of online communication (for example, by including characters, settings, references, or scenes involving or describing online communication or interaction).

  • Entries accepted for publication will appear in the December 1996 issue and be available thereafter in CMC Magazine's permanent archives.

  • CMC Magazine reserves the right to reject any or all entries and will have the final say with regard to awarding prizes, including not awarding some prizes if compelling entries are not submitted.

  • This contest is void where prohibited by law. CMC Magazine and December Communications, Inc. assume no liability for any damages as a result of the conduct or outcome of this contest. ^
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