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 The Gendered Mystique, by Leslie Regan Shade

NetChicks in the Digital Jungle

NetChick: A Smart-Girl Guide to the Wired World
by Carla Sinclair
Henry Holt & Co., 1996
ISBN 0-8050-4393-4
$19.95 (US) $27.95 (Canada)

This is Carla Sinclair's guide to Net resources for the postmodern and postfeminist women out there. I remember when using the appellation 'chick' was cool: that was around 1972 when the yippies were in their performative stage; just a few years later, using the word 'chick' branded one as in consort with the male chauvinists of the world. Now, Net Chicks, defined as "a progressive woman empowered by her access to and knowledge of the Internet, unafraid to explore the digital jungle; a woman who finds that this medium offers unlimited avenues to new information, communication, and entertainment...," is evidently an OK term to use.

Sinclair's fluo-covered guide is organized into eight sections, including resources on sex and relationships, fashion and style, entertainment, recreation and travel, zines and comics, health, career and academia, and resources to get online. Splashy and off-kilter graphics are interspersed throughout annotated listings of W3 sites, newsgroups, and commercial services. Alongside these venues are profiles of several notable Net women (er, chicks) and their creations, including Rene Cigler, Aliza Sherman, Jill Atkinson, Romana Machado , Reva Basch , Deborah Floyd, and Stacey Horn.

It all makes for interesting, and in some cases, inspirational, reading. My question is, can I be a Net Chick if I'm a Mom? I personally think it's an ageless quality. Net Crones of the World, Unite! --

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