Masthead CMC Magazine / May 1, 1996
 Riding the Technology Fence in Online Publishing, by Jim Brain

Successful To Some Degree

Commodore Hacking has now sent out thousands of copies of both Issue #11 and Issue #12. A special issue is planned, and work continues on maintaing the level of technical excellence that readers expect from the publication. In the 4 months since the changes discussed in this article appeared in the magazine, I have received nary a negative response. As expected, new readers are suggesting articles and types of content they would like to see added to the issue, and current readers have thanked me for adding some lighter reading fare to each issue.

Unexpectedly, many readers have visited the Web version of the issue. Some even turn out to be IBM users eager to reminisce about the old machine and its memories. I won't give the current Web presentation high marks in comparison to other electronic magazines available, but I am pleased that some Web-savvy readers consider the content alone compelling enought to stay for a while.

As I am not an editor by trade, I greatly appreciate the real-world lessons this magazine has taught me concerning electronic publishing. I determined that general rules concerning content type and mix and publication schedules do not differ among the various publication media, but that each media does present its own unique challenges. --

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