Masthead CMC Magazine / May 1, 1996
 Creating Web Communities, by Damon A. Chaplin

User List

Users can register at an Axis site, filling in a form with their username, real name, email address, World Wide Web home page, interests etc. This allows Axis to automatically insert your name and email address into any messages you post or documents you create, as well as inserting a link to your user information page. The list of registered users can be browsed or searched to find others with similar interests, or simply to find someone's email address.

Access Control

Axis provides for a wide range of access control policies, by extending the NCSA httpd Web server's built-in security (though it has to be said that the "basic" security scheme currently used by most Web software isn't particularly secure). Each topic in Axis can have it's own access control file, and permissions are specified for each Axis function (e.g. posting a bulletin board message, creating a document in the knowledge base). There is also an access control file for the site, controlling site-wide functions such as who can create new topics.

Permissions can be granted according to usernames, groups, and also to full or partial internet addresses. For example, would match or ^

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