Masthead CMC Magazine / May 1, 1996
 Lessons Learned From Becoming a Self-Publisher on the Web, by David Strom

Words Matter

First off, print still matters a great deal: not just because that is where most of the money is (you can run the numbers yourselves: there is several billion dollars in annual print worldwide computer trade advertising revenues shared among Ziff, IDG, CMP, et al.) but because the industry still defines itself and pays attention to what these trade publications print. Certainly that is changing: on one hand the general business press has covered our industry more and more (Newsweek and Entertainment Weekly, just to name two at random, both have regular computer pages) but also new ventures such as c|net's Webzine coverage on the Web are finally taking root.

Will the Web make PC Week et al irrelevant? Not yet, although it is interesting to compare the editorial coverage of a few key computing issues between the print pubs and the Web. You may want to check out my own analysis of the SoftRAM saga and scam in Web Informant #10 for an example of where the print trades blew it in terms of their coverage of a very important story--a story that was covered by various Internet-based correspondents quite nicely.

But the Web is good in ways that don't necessarily have an analog in print and one of them is --its links.

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