November 1996

Root Page of Article: Shaping a Web for Inclusion, by Andrew J. Dunn

Let's Chat

Plans are afoot for PASA members (and other web users with an identifiable need) to be reached in a common user database or list form. Keeping track of PASA members online is ad hoc at this time but will be formalised in the near future. The benefits of email as a communications medium are yet unassessed and certainly untapped but if PASA follows other organizations it will become an essential tool for keeping the members aware.

At this stage of PASAweb's development the Executive Committee are keen to utilize any part of the Internet that may enhance the quality and speed of PASA's service delivery to its members.

Web forms and email will also be utilized in allowing members to access other PASA services, including booking PASA owned holiday homes and checking the PASA diary. ^

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