November 1996

Root Page of Article: Shaping a Web for Inclusion, by Andrew J. Dunn

PASAweb offerings

PASAweb has been careful to only offer what is already available to PASA members in hardcopy. It is particularly important that members without Internet access do not become, or feel, that they have become disenfranchised. In time, when the majority of members have Internet access, PASAweb will be able to offer unique content.

As an information resource PASAweb needed to contain all of PASA's source documents including: the Police Award, the Enterprise Agreement, the Police Act and Regulations, and PASA's constitution. The official publication of PASA, the Police Journal, is also featured with the monthly lead story being published on PASAweb. Negotiations are under way to include more material on a regular basis. It may well be that the entire Police Journal will be available online in due course. As a matter of administration the business of the Police Journal is conducted by a separate entity to PASA hence the need to negotiate content!

The membership of PASA and user base of PASAweb are expected to dictate the site contents as use of the site grows and needs identified. ^

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