October 1996

Root Page of Article: Coming Out of the Closedt World, by John Horberg

Multiple Warheads

Edwards charges the Nixon administration with beefing up American nuclear war-making capabilities, while striving to reduce those of the USSR, by the devious use of treaties:
SALT I limited the number of intercontinental missiles each side could possess, but not the number of warheads each missile could launch. New MIRV (Multiple Independently targeted Re-entry Vehicle) systems gave each ICBM as many as fourteen warheads. By 1973, the United States had six thousand warheads, well over twice the Soviet count. By 1977, the U.S. force "limited" by SALT I had swollen to ten thousand warheads while the Russian arsenal counted four thousand.
Probably not a bad move; after all, we have a proven track record at besting other nations via one-sided treaties, right? ^

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