October 1996

Root Page of Article: Mentoring and the Internet, by Ted Nellen

Mentor to student:

Dear (name)

I observed your home page and read your poem and essay on violence, as well as your small bio about yourself I commend you and your classmates on your project. You have a good start to your homepage, and I look forward to seeing what more you do with it. Might I suggest that you proofread your essay more closely as you have made some grammatical errors that detract from the importance of what you are saying Presentation is a key factor in making people sit up and take notice of what you are saying and writing I work with young people such as yourself in a non-profit organization that assists students in gaining admission to college and applying for the financial aid needed for them to attend. In addition we offer a number of other services as well.

Would love hearing back from you, if and when you get a chance Again, good start and keep it up!



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