September 1996

Editor's Page

by John December

Will the Web will enhance our ability to create a learning environment for students? For more than a half-decade, educators and researchers have used the Web to provide information, course materials, and instruction. What have we learned? What do we yet have to discover?

This special issue of CMC Magazine focuses on CMC and education. Denise Ethier and Jennifer Gold explore the barriers educators face in adopting online communication. Maureen Burgess and Lori Mathis describe how educators use computer-mediated communication in writing courses at Ohio State University. Christopher Harper describes a course he taught to journalism students using the Internet. H. L. Fuller discusses the structural changes in a school which has adopted computer-mediated communication networks. She points out that such an adoption represents repercussions in many dimensions of organization's life.

These articles are just a start toward an examination of practice and a sharing of techniques that we will continue in next month's issue.

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