August 1997

Root Page of Article: Now, McLuhan is the Message, by Mick Doherty

Other Noteworthy McLuhanacy

The Video McLuhan is an advertising Web site, pure and unadulterated, but at least for a product worth knowing about. The cost of the 6-tape (VHS) collection of McLuhan video archives is prohibitive--$600--but worth pursuing as an institutional/departmental/library acquisition. The site itself includes numerous worthwhile sample transcripts, including McLuhan interviews with personalities as diverse as televesion's Tom Snyder and literary theorist Frank Kermode;

Marshall McLuhan's Message is hosted by the Georgia State University Department of Communication, and while it includes several dead links, and links to some marginally useful and related sites, overall this is a useful annotated collection;

The Marshall McLuhan node on Daniel Chandler's Media and Communication Studies Site is hosted by the Department of Education, University of Wales (Aberystwyth). This is a well-organized site and uses Frames exceedingly well; the McLuhan node is a good list of links, though they are not annotated, which requires some hunting about for what they involve. However, it is worth the effort to have all these gathered in one place for a McLuhan novice;

Just for fun, the McLuhan Quote-Rama hosted by WebCorp is a simple black-and red site that spits out a new McLuhan quote each visit, happily proclaiming "Reload this page for a new McQuote." For all the depth and analysis of the other sites mentioned here, this approach perhaps best highlights the soundbyte mentality of McLuhan's work. I suspect he would approve. ^

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