January 1997

Root Page of Article: A Rose by Any Other Name , by Peter J. Murray

Forms or types of CMC

As technologies change, the forms of CMC grow; in some ways there is divergence, eg the newer audio-visual possibilities to add to the text-based, while in others there is convergence, as in the amalgamation of many forms within a single Web-browser environment. Some are purely synchronous, some purely asynchronous, while others (eg NetMeeting, CoolTalk) are now allowing the two to occur in the same environment. Among the many forms are:


  • Email

  • Listserv-type discussions

  • Computer-conferencing, with either text-based or graphical interfaces

  • Ejournals

  • Searchable databases

  • Usenet newsgroups

  • Internet Relay Chat and similar forms


  • Real Audio type applications

  • CUSeeMe type applications


  • NetMeeting, CoolTalk etc - allow simultaneous use of e-mail, voice communications, whiteboard and other communication modes
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