June 1997

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Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 4, Number 6 / June 1, 1997

Editor's Page
CMC Magazine Contributing Editors Chris Lapham and Kevin Hunt, introduce this special issue on Writing on the Web.


* Writing in Cyberspace
Pixy Ferris analyzes what makes writing in print effective and compares that criteria to electronic writing. Ferris describes the Web in terms of both an oral and a print qualities.

* Why The Book Is Always Better Than The Movie
In this light-hearted look at what readers bring to the words they read and how writers can design their communication to suit electronic audiences, Chris Lapham examines the process of reading a book to explore how writing online is different than writing for paper publications.

* Negotiating a Passage Among Readers and Writers on the Web
What happens when readers and writers are faced with texts that have no physical presence? Marcy Bauman explores how readers and writers of Web texts compensate for the lack of physical and contextual cues for making sense of texts.

* Hypertext Illuminated
Take a peek inside the mind of a gifted writer and technologist, Michael Joyce, the creator of Storyspace. Chris Lapham interviews Joyce about the potential of Web and hypertext fiction.


* Book Review: Digital Literacy = Doin' Stuff on the Net
John Horberg takes a look at Paul Gilster's book, Digital Literacy. Horberg contends that Gilster has not been critical enough in his definition of what it means to be literate online.

* The Last Link: A Plea for Visual Literacy
As more and more schools become wired to the Web, Kevin Hunt suggests that we should cultivate a visual literacy that engages students in a variety of activities.

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