May 1997

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Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 4, Number 5 / May 1, 1997

Editor's Page
This issue marks this magazine's third anniversary on the Web.

* Presentation Features of Text-based Conferencing Systems on the WWW
Daniel LaLiberte and David Woolley explore the variety of presentation features supported by existing web-based asynchronous conferencing systems, with an emphasis on considering why some features are absent and prospects for the future.

* The Myths and Realities of World Wide Web Publishing
Publishing on the World Wide Web has been anticipated as an exciting possibility, offering unlimited, global distribution combined with the chance to integrate networked hypertext and multimedia in the expression of ideas. But the reality of Web publishing is much different than the myths surrounding it.

* Book Review: Seduction and Technology
Don Langham reviews Moths to the Flame: The Seductions of Computer Technology and questions whether it is indeed inevitable that electronic publishing will usher in a new era of ready, inexpensive access to information for the masses, as though this desirable social end is inherent in technology itself.

* Book Review: How Now, HAL?
David Porush reviews HAL's Legacy: 2001 as Dream and Reality and explores the rich interplay of science and the arts represented in science fiction film and literature.

* The Last Link: Utopian Visions of Cyberspace
Laura J. Gurak questions the utopian visions of cyberspace which ignore the messiness of race, gender, and other human characteristics.

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