November 1997

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by John December

This month, our articles explore a variety of aspects about the quality and usefulness of online communication artifacts--publications such as theses and dissertations, as well as the information content on the Web.

Can the Web be used to provide a valuable archive of research? Christian Weisser, John Baker, and Janice R. Walker discuss this in their extensive article, [] Problems and Possibilities of Electronic Theses and Dissertations." I encourage you to explore this article and see the enormous amount of work that is being done in this area.

[]Mihkel Pilv provides an essay exploring how to measure success in technology education, and education as a whole, by refining the measures of the evaluation process.

[] Vanessa DiMauro and Lisa Schlegel explore one of the biggest obstacles that the Internet community faces--information accountability. The Web is user-friendly enough to illicit trust and seeming authority. But to what extend is the Internet community responsible for providing and maintaining accuracy and the information placed on the Net?

Finally, [] Robley Curtice provides us with a report from he recent Macromedia Users Conference in San Francisco--he reports on the latest about Steve Jobs and Apple; and []Scott Bonds comments on the boundaries of intellectual property in this meditation on copyrighting one's DNA.

John December ( is editor of. CMC Magazine.

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