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Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 4, Number 9 / September 1, 1997

Editor's Page: You Never Surf Alone
Special guest editor Dirk vom Lehn introduces this special issue on data and information collection by highlighting how the future of the Net and its impact on culture depends on the development of mechanisms that mediate between individuals' privacy, business interests, and scientific research programs.


* Data Collection as Free Speech
Solveig Singleton argues that the public discourse about privacy widely neglects the fact that privacy regulations contradict the right of free speech. In the end, currently imposed new privacy regulations could hurt individual rights and do harm to the future of the Net.

* The Anonymizer
Justin Boyan describes how currently distributed technology allows violations of individuals' privacy. He then outlines how privacy can be protected by web surfers themselves when using his `Anonymizer' system. He concludes by discussing current trends in web privacy.

* A Brief History of
Sabine Helmers describes history and legal problems of, which has been one of the most popular anonymous remailers until its operator recently shut down the server for legal and personal reasons.

* One Perspective of Collecting Data on the Web
Jennifer Gold and Denise Ethier present their perspective on data and information collection on users of specific Web sites. They highlight their motivations to carry out such a study, describe their research tools, and discuss their way of using collected data.

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