February 1998

Root Page of Article: The Quest for Access to Science by People with Print Impairments, by John A. Gardner

The TRIANGLE Math Workspace Program for the Blind

TRIANGLE is a DOS computer application intended for use by print-impaired students and professionals in science, engineering, and math. TRIANGLE includes:

  • a math/science word processor,
  • a graphing calculator,
  • a viewer for y versus x plots,
  • a table viewer,
  • The Touch-and-Tell Program for audio and/or braille-assisted reading of tactile figures on an external digitizing pad,

The keyboard or any assistive device/software that emulates a keyboard may be used for input. TRIANGLE output may be viewed:

  • Visually on the DOS text screen,
  • Audibly using a screen-reading program and external voice synthesizer for text and the PC speaker or an SB16 compatible sound output for other audio,
  • Tactilely using a braille screen access program and external refreshable braille display,
  • Any or all of the above simultaneously.

A complete description, including pictures of the TRIANGLE screen in several modes and instructions for downloading TRIANGLE are available on the SAP TRIANGLE description page ^

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