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Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 5, Number 1 / January 1, 1998

Editor's Page
Jennifer Gold introduces this special issue on disability and Computer-Mediated Communication.


* Electronic Parenting or, It Takes a (Listserv) Village to Raise Families with Disabilities
The difference between solidarity and separatism can be demonstrated in the online culture of disability support groups, which contain both benefits and dangers for participants of the group. Dona Avery illustrates the potential of parents of children with disabilities to self-exile from the larger society through the formation of symbiotic relationships and group thought online.

* Educational Equality on the Web?
Are all educational opportunities on the Web accessible to every student? Are Web designers, sponsoring organizations, educators, and parents informed of issues of accessiblity for exceptional students? Anne Macleod describes particpation in an International educational Web design contest for kids. Ms. Macleod provides a mother's account of an activity where lack of educational equity on the Web turned her son's dreams into another failure and her worst nightmare.

* Making Web Pages Universally Accessible
Virtually everyone who has access to the Internet, a few tools, and a bit of training can create Web pages. But how many of these people are knowledgeable, informed, or think about the ways in which people with disabilties might be accessing their sites? Sheryl Burgstahler discusses access issues and provides guidelines for creating Web pages that are accessible to a broad range of visitors.


* Notes from the Road: Comdex on My Mind
Robley Curtice reports on that circus of technology, that carnival of geeks, that chaos of computers known as Comdex, recently held in Las Vegas.

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