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Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 5, Number 6 / June 1, 1998

Editor's Page
Special issue guest editor Andrea Baker introduces this first part of a double issue about relationships online.


* Organizer Participation in an Computer Mediated Conference
Scott Crawford observes how Internet-based conferencing has become a widespread means of collecting minds without the need for physical presence. Yet organizations should not implement online conferencing without regard to time and costs. It may be that face-to-face conference may be the better way to go.

* A Personal Experience with Electronic Community
Cyd Strickland relates her experience in an eight-week pilot online seminar at the Fielding Institute, a distance institution with no residential campus. The seminar was designed for a small group of students and faculty to explore human issues within an electronic community.

* A Project Management Approach to Online Communication
Brian Hoyt observes that techniques for making the most of online communication tools such as chat lines, video conferencing, and Internet-based conferencing are lacking. He concludes that we must improve facilitation techniques and analyze why certain online relationships are stronger than others.

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