CMC Magazine: October 1998

Using Technology

While working for a master's degree in electronic arts at Renssleaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, Hope began to explore combining beadworking with her knowledge of computer technology. Through installation, digitized sound, computer imaging, beadwork and video, Hope creates her compelling and powerful pieces. "The video camera has allowed me to incorporate sounds and moving images while displaying it in a different context. I incorporate my own presence as I draw, do beadwork and sculpt clay while I integrate words, melody and natural sounds," says Hope.

"Just as I continue to work with technology to transmit my discoveries, other Native artists choose paint, metal, beads, clay or photography. We can no longer sit back and see our cultures maligned. Our ideas of respecting the land are now more important than ever. It is only now that society is realizing that we are all endangered. So it is with this growing empowerment that we as Native people can speak for ourselves, use the tools of technology to represent our own ideas, tell the history from our own perspective, and share in our connection to the Earth," she says.

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