CMC Magazine Editorial Information

The purpose of this identity statement is to give readers and potential contributors to CMC Magazine some guidance in the overall purpose for this magazine.

Prospective authors should also see: submission guidelines, the editorial policy, and the style guidelines.

CMC Magazine reports on people, events, applications, and study related to computer-mediated communication (CMC). It draws on an interdisciplinary mix of of perspectives from communication, technology, journalism, and other disciplines. CMC Magazine publishes news, features, essays, and reports about the phenomenon of human communication and information retrieval on global networks.

Characterizing "identity"

What this magazine attempts to do: A possible analogy: Scientific American can appeal to a broad range of readers with a diverse set of interests, yet provide each reader with a perspective of the substance and value of knowledge for some scientific topic. I hope that CMC Magazine can play a similar role in CMC Studies: to address the reader who has an interest in CMC and some background in one or more of many related fields.

Last revision: 31 Jan 1996 by John December

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