CMC Magazine Editorial Information

The purpose of this list is to assist prospective writers for CMC Magazine by defining a set of terms that magazine readers would probably know.

Another purpose of this list is to help readers look up a term that they may not know in the text of the magazine.

Prospective authors should also see: the audience statement, the style guidelines, the submission guidelines, the editorial policy, and the identity statement for the magazine.

This list also should help copy editors and production people during the editing and production processes.

A partial listing (still under construction)

Each entry in the following list consists of:
  1. The term
  2. A brief definition
  3. Usage guidelines
  4. Potential use for a hypertext link--whether the link is made or not depends on context and meaning (See link policy for guidance about creating links within articles).
ASCII -- American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

America Online -- A commercial online service.

Archie -- Servers that assist users by finding Anonymous FTP hosts containing specific files.

BBS -- Bulletin Board Systems

CERN -- -- Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics in Geneva, Switzerland which in 1989 initialized what is now the World Wide Web.

Developed by CMC Magazine Editors and Staff; Last revision: 06 Mar 1995

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