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Purposelink from this document
DescriptionThe LINK element identifies relationships among documents. For example: authorship, related indexes, glossaries, older or more recent versions, document hierarchy, associated resources such as style sheets, etc.

The attribute rel identifies the relationship the document containing LINK has with the document identified in the href attribute of the LINK element. Conversely, attribute rev identifies the relationship between the document identified in the href attribute and the document containing the LINK element. For example:

<LINK Rev="made" Href="">
Start tagRequired <LINK>
HREF CDATA #REQUIREDaddress of link destination
METHODS NAMES #IMPLIEDoperations on destination (advisory)
REL NAMES #IMPLIEDrelationship to destination
REV NAMES #IMPLIEDrelationship of destination to this
SDAPREF CDATA #FIXED "Linked to : #AttVal ( TITLE ) ( URN ) ( HREF )>"generated text prefix; in support of transformation to the International Committee for Accessible Document Design DTD for usable access to structured information by print-impaired individuals
TITLE CDATA #IMPLIEDtitle of destination (advisory)
URN CDATA #IMPLIEDuniversal resource name permanent address of destination
End tagForbidden
Referenced in HEAD TITLE
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