VersionW3C//DTD HTML 3.2 Final//EN
Purposea selection option
DescriptionThis element identifies a selection list option used within a SELECT element.
Start tagRequired <OPTION>
selected( selected )#IMPLIEDinitial state
value CDATA #IMPLIEDform datum value for this option; the default is to element content
Content( #PCDATA )*
End tagOptional </OPTION>
Referenced in SELECT
<FORM Method="POST"
Action= "">
<INPUT Type="hidden" Name="recipient" Value="">
<p>Your Name: <INPUT Type="text" size="15" Name="user-name">
<P>Customer Number: <INPUT Type="number" size="10" Name= "customer-number">
<P>Shirt Size?
<INPUT Type="radio" Name="shirt-size" Value="S">S
<INPUT Type="radio" Name="shirt-size" Value="M">M
<INPUT Type="radio" Name="shirt-size" Value="L">L
<INPUT Type="radio" Name="shirt-size" Value="XL">XL
<P>What would you like?
<P><SELECT Name="would-like" size="2" multiple>
<OPTION>Order the product</OPTION>
<OPTION>Ask a question</OPTION>
<OPTION>Request a catalog</OPTION>
<P>Your comments?<BR>
<TEXTAREA Name="comments" rows="4" cols="20"></TEXTAREA>
<P><INPUT Type="submit" Value="Send">
<INPUT Type="reset" Value="Cancel">

Your Name:

Customer Number:

Shirt Size? S M L XL

What would you like?

Your comments?

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