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  1. A anchor for hypertext link
  2. ABBR encloses shortened phrase which represents whole
  3. ACRONYM encloses word formed from letters in a phrase
  4. ADDRESS information on author
  5. APPLET embed small Java program (applet) in document
  6. AREA client-side image map area
  7. B bold text
  8. BASE document base URI
  9. BASEFONT change default font in the document
  10. BDO turn off the bidirectional algorithm for the enclosed text
  11. BIG set larger text relative to surrounding text
  12. BLOCKQUOTE long quoted passage
  13. BODY document body
  14. BR forced line break
  15. BUTTON push button
  16. CAPTION table caption
  17. CENTER center text or other elements
  18. CITE name or title of cited work
  19. CODE source (computer) code
  20. COL table column
  21. COLGROUP table column group
  22. DD definition description
  23. DEL inserted text, deleted text
  24. DFN enclose term definition
  25. DIR directory list
  26. DIV generic language/style container
  27. DL definition list
  28. DT definition term
  29. EM emphasized phrase
  30. FIELDSET form control group
  31. FONT set font face, color, and size of text
  32. FORM interactive form
  33. H1 primary heading
  34. H2 secondary heading
  35. H3 third-level heading
  36. H4 fourth-level heading
  37. H5 fifth-level heading
  38. H6 sixth-level heading
  39. HEAD document head
  40. HR horizontal rule
  41. HTML document root element
  42. I italic text
  43. IMG Embedded image
  44. INPUT form control
  45. INS inserted text, deleted text
  46. ISINDEX searchable document input form
  47. KBD keyboard phrase (user input)
  48. LABEL form field label text
  49. LEGEND fieldset legend
  50. LI list item
  51. LINK link from this document
  52. MAP client-side image map
  53. MENU menu list
  54. META generic metainformation
  55. NOSCRIPT alternate content container for non script-based rendering
  56. OBJECT generic embedded object
  57. OL ordered list
  58. OPTGROUP option group
  59. OPTION selectable choice
  60. P paragraph
  61. PARAM named property value
  62. PRE preformatted text
  63. Q short inline quotation
  64. S cross out (strike) text
  65. SAMP sample text or characters
  66. SCRIPT script statements
  67. SELECT option selector
  68. SMALL set smaller text relative to surrounding text
  69. SPAN generic language/style container
  70. STRIKE cross out (strike) text
  71. STRONG strong emphasis
  72. STYLE style info
  73. SUB subscript, superscript
  74. SUP subscript, superscript
  75. TABLE tabular presentation of information
  76. TBODY table body
  77. TD table data cell
  78. TEXTAREA multi-line text field
  79. TFOOT table footer
  80. TH table header cell
  81. THEAD table header
  82. TITLE document title
  83. TR table row
  84. TT fixed-width font (typewriter) text
  85. U underline text
  86. UL unordered list
  87. VAR variable phrase or substitute
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