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Level 2 HTML Summary

A Level 2 HTML document can include the following elements and attributes in addition to Level 0 and Level 1 elements and entities. In this document, the elements are listed in all capital letters; the attributes are indicated by initial capital letters. In order to benefit from the information in this file, view both its HTML source ( as well as its rendered form in a Web browser. The tags are explained in the list below as well as demonstrated in this file.

HTML structure and comment elements

Level 2 specifies no additions in this category over Level 0's structure features.

The HEAD and Related Elements

Level 2 specifies no additions in this category over Level 1's head features.

The BODY and Related Elements

Form Elements

Forms are used to present an interface consisting of fill-in-the blank boxes, checklists, radio buttons, or other features to gather input from a user. The FORM element brackets an input data form; the elements INPUT, SELECT, OPTION, and TEXTAREA are used to set up areas within the Form for input. A sample form illustrates these elements and attributes.

A Form sets up a set of paired variable name fields and value value fields. The variable name is supplied in the Form. The user filling out the Form supplies or selects the variable values (except for variables with hidden values).

Each Form has a method and action associated with it. The method specifies how the data from the Form is to be handled in processing. The action identifies the executable program or script which will process the data from the From.

Note: you can use a Form button as a way to jump to a location:


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