Creating Web Documents

Assignment: Style

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to use style sheets.

The Assignment

For security and administrative reasons, you must use the Unix account supplied to you by the University for your Web pages and to email your URL to your instructor--failure to do so will result in your assignment not being graded. UW-Milwaukee students can use for emailing.

Prepare a style sheet to set the appearance of one or more Web pages. Link a Web page (for example, your basics assignment or table assignment) to this style sheet.

Your style sheet must specify the appearance of these elements (at a minimum, you can do more):

  1. BODY
  2. A
  3. P
  4. H1

The Web page(s) that link to your style sheet must contain (at a minimum, you can do more):

  1. Your name and email address somewhere on the page to indicate authorship.
  2. A demonstration of the features in the style sheet.

Preparing Your Assignment

As your assignment, turn in the following:
  1. The URL of the Web page that references the style sheet.
  2. Your style sheet itself (in text form). Use a cut-and-paste method to place your style sheet's contents right in the body of the email.
Remember, check for a receipt to make sure that your instructor received your assignment before you consider the assignment done--remember "It's not complete until you get your receipt!"

Turning in Your Assignment

Your assignment is due by the time listed on the syllabus. Use these procedures for turning in your assignment. Your assignment will be graded according to criteria I set up for this tutorial.

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