Creating Web Documents

More Tables


Tables have become so popular, there are now many ways to affect the table's appearance, including border size, spacing, padding, and color.

Tables form the main design element of most modern Web designs.

How Table Attributes Work

To change a table's appearance, you can use attributes of the elements TABLE, TR, TH, and TD.

While it is useful to know how the table element's attributes can modify a table's appearance, we'll see when we study style sheets how you can affect the appearance of all tables (and all elements) in your Web documents in a much easier and uniform way.

For now, familiarize yourself with how you can tweak a table's look through the attributes of the four basic table elements.

More Complicated Tables

Take a look at this table that demonstrates column and row spanning, or this more complex Table demo, or this demonstration of table padding, spacing, and borders, or this application of multiple tables.

Exercise: Make your simple table more elaborate

Modify a basic table to include demonstrations of the attributes: bgcolor, cellpadding, cellspacing, rowspan, colspan, or border.

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