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Purposedirectory list dir compact reduced interitem spacing
DescriptionThis element encloses a directory list. The intent is that dir creates lists of short items. Browsers would render this list in a series of columns. The appearance would therefore be more compact than a list made using li. However, the dir element was never rendered differently in many browsers and was rarely used. Use ul instead.
Start tagRequired <dir>
class CDATA #IMPLIEDspace-separated list of classes
compact( compact )#IMPLIED
dir( ltr | rtl )#IMPLIEDdirection for weak/neutral text
idID#IMPLIEDdocument-wide unique id
langNMTOKEN#IMPLIEDlanguage code (backwards compatible); language code as RFC3066
onclick CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer button was clicked; script expression
ondblclick CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer button was double clicked; script expression
onkeydown CDATA #IMPLIEDa key was pressed down; script expression
onkeypress CDATA #IMPLIEDa key was pressed and released; script expression
onkeyup CDATA #IMPLIEDa key was released; script expression
onmousedown CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer button was pressed down; script expression
onmousemove CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer was moved within; script expression
onmouseout CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer was moved away; script expression
onmouseover CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer was moved onto; script expression
onmouseup CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer button was released; script expression
style CDATA #IMPLIEDassociated style info; style sheet data
title CDATA #IMPLIEDadvisory title; text used for titles
xml:langNMTOKEN#IMPLIEDlanguage code (as per XML 1.0 spec); language code as RFC3066
Content( li )+
End tagRequired </dir>
Referenced in applet blockquote body button center dd del div fieldset form iframe ins li map noframes noscript object td th
In the building are:
<li>Brown's Bagel Shop</li>
<li>Kyle's Copy Shop</li>
<li>Styles by Deni</li>
<li>Kim's Tax Service</li>
<li>The Roof Lounge</li></ul>
In the building are:
  • Brown's Bagel Shop
  • Kyle's Copy Shop
  • Styles by Deni
  • Kim's Tax Service
  • The Roof Lounge
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