Version-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN
Purposehorizontal rule
DescriptionThis element places a horizontal rule in the document. Note that it is best to use horizontal rules sparingly--they can help you break up your document, but over-use can make a document appear cluttered.
Start tagRequired <hr />
align( left | center | right )#IMPLIEDhorizontal alignment
class CDATA #IMPLIEDspace-separated list of classes
dir( ltr | rtl )#IMPLIEDdirection for weak/neutral text
idID#IMPLIEDdocument-wide unique id
langNMTOKEN#IMPLIEDlanguage code (backwards compatible); language code as RFC3066
noshade( noshade )#IMPLIEDrender without shadow simulating depth
onclick CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer button was clicked; script expression
ondblclick CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer button was double clicked; script expression
onkeydown CDATA #IMPLIEDa key was pressed down; script expression
onkeypress CDATA #IMPLIEDa key was pressed and released; script expression
onkeyup CDATA #IMPLIEDa key was released; script expression
onmousedown CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer button was pressed down; script expression
onmousemove CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer was moved within; script expression
onmouseout CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer was moved away; script expression
onmouseover CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer was moved onto; script expression
onmouseup CDATA #IMPLIEDa pointer button was released; script expression
size CDATA #IMPLIEDinteger representing length in pixels
style CDATA #IMPLIEDassociated style info; style sheet data
title CDATA #IMPLIEDadvisory title; text used for titles
width CDATA #IMPLIEDnn for pixels or nn% for percentage length
xml:langNMTOKEN#IMPLIEDlanguage code (as per XML 1.0 spec); language code as RFC3066
End tagForbidden
Referenced in applet blockquote body button center dd del div fieldset form iframe ins li map noframes noscript object td th
<hr />
And that is how Kelly came to play Henry the VIII in the play.
<hr noshade="noshade" />
<hr noshade="noshade" size="10" width="33%" align="right" />
In our next episode, we return to the park.

And that is how Kelly came to play Henry the VIII in the play.
In our next episode, we return to the park.
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