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MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN (4 July 2000) -- December Communications, Inc. released the ebook, Live Simple: Radical Tactics to Reduce the Complexity, Costs, and Clutter of your Life on its Web site today at <>. Written by John December, the ebook sets out specific suggestions for the reader to simplify his or her possessions, home, daily routine, personal goals, and use of resources.

John December strikes an "urban/technological" stance toward voluntarily simplicity in this work. The ebook advocates city living, mass transit, renting rather than owning, preparedness, and Internet technology as important aspects of voluntary simplicity. The ebook's hypertext format sets out specific suggestions for voluntary simplicity in a structure based on tactics, case studies, and tips.

The entire text of the ebook is available online and contains links to related online resources, Web sites, other books, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list, and a forum for reader suggestions.

Inspired by Thoreau's Walden, John December set out his vision of a simple life in Live Simple. Originally written for print, the manuscript never found a publisher interested in offering the work on paper. The manuscript was eventually adapted for hypertext presentation and published on the December Communications, Inc. Web site on Independence Day, 2000.

John December is author of previously published paper books about the Internet, including The World Wide Web Unleashed 1997 and Presenting Java published by the imprint of Macmillan Computer Publishing. A freelance writer, he lives the simple life he advocates in Live Simple--not owning a television set or car and living in a modest apartment in a city he loves.

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