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Color Blowout Announced at!

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, USA (June 8, 2006) -- December Communications, Inc. announces the expansion of its Hex Hub reference pages, <>. The pages now include more named colors and hexadecimal codes.

The Hex Hub now gives users over 1,000 named colors to view. The expansion added many more green and blue colors. The 1,000+ colors come from a variety of sources including Scalable Vector Graphics colors, standard HTML 3.2 named colors, X11 named colors, and many other custom colors. These custom colors, many taken from natural and man-made objects, include cheddar, bubble gum, moon, cinnamon, fog, spinach, pumice, emerald city, titanium, battleship, denim, delft, burgundy, corfu pink, cream city brick, flight jacket, tea leaves, and hundreds more. The color swatches give the user a quick way to view colors and get the hexadecimal codes for HTML or style sheet attributes.

Users continue to have access to the Hues Hub for choosing the hexadecimal codes from among 4,800 unnamed colors, the Swatch Control tool to interactively mix a color, as well as the other charts, tools, and information available at The Color Spot at HTML Station.

The editor of The Color Spot, John December, said, "I hope these new colors help developers find just the right mood and appearance for their Web pages. I invite everyone to visit The Color Spot often for all their color needs, whether it is for information, interactive tools, or a custom color--anything from guacamole to garden plum."

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