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date11 Nov 2008 18:00 CST
placeMilwaukee, WI, USA
tagsblog, web, software
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I start a blog

I'm glad to hear that the blogosphere is dead, and blogging is no longer considered trendy or cool. Now, I feel comfortable starting a blog!

My first work was to examine Word Press. I was able to easily install it on my Web site, but I felt it had too many features and at the same time didn't have some features that I'd like to be able to add and control in a custom fashion. Therefore, I'm developing some simple blog software of my own. I already have my own content management system that I've been cobbling together since 1993 to generate pages of my Web site.

This very simple blog system should integrate in a seamless fashion into my site and allow room for me to incrementally add features as I see fit. I like having the files of the blog on my site so that I can back them up and control them (versus having them hosted on blogger or some other site).

Photo of the Day Milwaukee Public Library Central

To start, I've modified some simple software that I prepared to do my MKE Album. As there, I want to see how I can integrate my blog posts into existing sites through RSS (like on facebook or plaxo, for example) as well as draw in content from my flickr posts. In a way, I want to prepare this blog in the spirit of my company's mission "to help people tap the special nature of the World Wide Web as a seamless, powerful connector of disparate information sources." The power of the Web seems to be in bringing together many different kinds of things in a seamless way. As such, I think having my own blog system will help me do that, rather than tying myself into software under the control (and inevitable "upgrades") of someone else or a site hosted by another company.

So I don't have many features of this blog--like comments, an index, tags, RSS, and other special features--working yet, but I'll add things as I have time in an incremental and modular fashion. [End of Post]

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