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This is an excellent choice for an EEEPC. Under 1 kg, with a 8 GB SSD, 1 GB RAM, and a 25.6 cm display, this keeps the tradition of a small, compact, ultra-portable computer alive.

Official product site from the manufacturers of the EEEPC
EEE User
Unofficial ASUS EEEPC blog, forum, and wiki; the coverage of this site includes advanced information a user of the EEEPC may not want to or need to do
Photos: ASUS EEEPC Owners Group
A photo sharing group on flickr
Purchase an ASUS EEEPC and accessories at
  • ASUS EEEPC X101: released in 2011, this is a perfect choice for a light-weight EEEPC. It is just under 1 kg in weight and has a 8 GB SSD, 1 GB RAM, a 25.6 cm display
  • ASUS EEEPC 4G: this is no longer available for sale
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