Computer Notebook Computer Notebook: Observations on the EEEPC

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Could I live with the EEEPC as My One and Only?

Yes, I could. I would need to install a C compiler (or find it) on the current operating system because I use C programs in my Web work. I believe I could then do everything else I would need on the EEEPC. If I were to travel and work extensively, I would be confident with the EEEPC. However, I still am worried about Wireless security, so I would have to seek out Local Area Network (LAN) access points to the Internet for regular or seek an encryped wireless network for more secure work.

I love the keyboard size and don't have a problem with the screen size although if it were a bit bigger, I would like that. If the hard drive storage were around 10 G or so, that would be nice, but I can deal with using the SD Card slot.

I would want there to be a better operating system update service, and I would remove every piece of software I didn't use. I always seek to use simple software that does not need to be continuously updated, as I don't want to spend several hours per week "upgrading" software or dealing with the problems created by "upgraded" software. I seek a stable set of simple software.

I have no need for: printer, DVD player, more software, bigger keyboard, etc.

I am going to take care of this EEEPC, as I suspect future models will bloat in size and weight and features. I make these resolutions, however:

  1. From this day forward, I will refuse to purchase any netbook computer that weighs more than approximately 1 kilogram.
  2. From this day forward, I will refuse to purchase any netbook computer that does not fit easily in my backpack. It should be roughly the size of a book.
  3. From this day forward, I will refuse to purchase any netbook computer that has a keyboard which is too big. The keyboard should be small so as to permit fast and easy typing.

Details I Appreciate

Besides the deciding factors of weight, size, and simplicity of operation, I really appreciate some details of the EEEPC:

How Could it Be Better?

I make further observations on subsequent years of using the EEEPC.
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