Computer Notebook Computer Notebook: Get Started with Windows 10

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On first using Windows 10, I made some adjustments and customizations. My goal was to get Windows 10 working as simply as possible, with a minimum of its advanced options.

My Customization of Windows 10

I adjust a few things with Windows 10 so that it would be more familiar to me and run more simply and smoothly.

Software Installations and Replacements

These images show the Windows 10 desktop initially and then after some customizations.

Initial Windows 10 Desktop Windows 10 after some customizations

What I was most impressed with was the ability to run Windows 10 apps on the desktop. I was very impressed by the Maps App to get directions. The Microsoft Maps app allows you to: 1) set your preferred transit mode; 2) set your preferred units of measure (e.g., meters or non-standard); 3) set favorite locations for quick access and directions; 4) choose options such as leave by, arrive by, or leave now. This is an excellent interface-quick and easy, easier than using the web-based Bing maps and superior to Google maps.

Windows 10 Microsoft Maps App Route Choices Windows 10 Microsoft Maps App Route Details

After stabilizing and using Windows 10 on my desktop computer, my next step was to get a tablet computer.


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