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I've been taking digital photos since 1998, and I've enjoyed expanding my knowledge, experience, and equipment since then. In August 2008, I bought a digital SLR camera, the Canon Rebel XSi (this camera is also called the Canon 450D). I'm happy with the performance aspects of this camera and lenses. There is much to learn. I record what I learn in my photography notebook, which covers topics like Camera Choice, Lenses, F number, Filters, Shots, Workflow, Points, Supplies, Utility Kit, Books, Link,s Crop Factor, and Lingo.

Photos I've taken with my various cameras

Victoria Station taken with a Kodak DC210 in 1998

Victoria Station (1998)

Chicago Lakefront taken with a Canon Powershot A30 in 2004


Downtown Milwaukee twilight taken with a Canon Powershot A640 in 2008

Downtown Reflections and Ice

Night Doors taken in 2008 with the Canon Rebel XSi

Night Doors

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