Photography Notebook Photography Notebook: My Camera Choices over the Years

I've been taking digital photos since 1998, and I've enjoyed expanding my knowledge, experience, and equipment since then.

In 1998, I started out in digital photography with an early digital camera, a Kodak DC 210 (Kodak has since gone out of the camera business!). I later replaced this with a Canon Powershot A30, then a Canon Powershot A640. It was my experience with the A640 that made me loyal to the Canon brand--because I put that Powershot A640 through its paces--in terrible weather--rainy, sleet, snow, ice--for literally tens of thousands of photos, and it worked very well (even works today!).

In August 2008, I decided on a small-frame digital SLR camera. By 2012, I had reasons to get a full-frame camera.

Example photos with my cameras

To give an idea of my background and cameras, here are photos I've taken with my various cameras.

"Victoria Station" taken with a Kodak DC210 in 1998

Victoria Station (1998)

"Chicago Lakefront" taken with a Canon Powershot A30 in 2004


"Downtown Milwaukee Twilight" taken with a Canon Powershot A640 in 2008

Downtown Reflections and Ice

"Night Doors" taken in 2008 with the Canon Rebel XSi

Night Doors

"Pretty in Pink" taken in 2009 with the Canon EOS Rebel T1i

Pretty in Pink

"Breakfast at the Lakefront" taken in 2012 with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Breakfast at the Lakefront

"Merry Christmas Hop" taken in 2021 with the Pixel 6 Merry Christmas Hop
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