Photography Notebook Photography Notebook: A Full Frame Camera Choice

Once I spent some time getting to know a small-frame DSLR camera, my next step was to buy a full-frame camera. (I had prepared for this purchase by buying several EF lenses beforehand and getting used to them on my small-frame camera bodies.) A full-frame camera is one which has a sensor as big as a frame of 35 mm (36 x 26 mm) film.

In the spring of 2012, Canon announced the availability of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. I purchased this camera in June of 2012, and now I use it with my EF lenses. Note that the EF-S lenses that worked on the Rebel cameras will not work on the 5D Mark III.

Why a Full-Frame Camera?

Sensor size--this has a big impact on the quality of the photos you can take with a digital camera. Most definitely, I have learned, quality optics, lenses, and a quality build in the sensor itself play a determing role. But given two cameras of similar technical quality, I'd prefer the one with the larger sensor.

What Pictures Did I Take?

Featured Equipment Purchase on Amazon Canon EOS 5D Mark III Photos Slideshow by Most Recent Comments My goal in taking photos with my Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera has been to extend my work in documenting where I live. I enjoy taking photos that show scenes near the lakefront, river, and city at various times of the year. I have favorite landmarks that I visit often to take photos in different seasons.

You can view photos of this camera organized by use with various EF lenses.

You can view these photos sorted by most interesting.

What Issues Came Up?

Sources Consulted

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