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Night Shots

My tips for making a night photo are:

Here is a photo I took using the camera's timer and a tripod:

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High Dynamic Range

See the HDR page.

Stage Shots

It is a particular challenge to get good photos of a stage performance. Bright stage lights can overwhelm a camera with too much light if the shutter is open too long, and the moving performers appear only as a blur. I took photos at a bellydance performance, and I eventually found the following works fairly well:

Here is a photo at 1/60th second exposure and ISO 800:

mke-2008-08-06e 236

Of course, you might want to have blurred action. Here is a photo at 1/15th second exposure and ISO 1600:

Shaia in her show

Custom Functions

You can access a variety of settings by choosing: Menu, then going to the 3rd options symbol (a wrench with three dots) and pressing the SET button when "Custom Functions (C. Fn) is highlighted.

Here are some that I found useful. The notation corresponds to what is on the screen as you scroll through the functions. The number in parenthesis is the function number (ranges from 1 to 13):

See also: Filters.

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