Photography Notebook Photography Notebook: My Camera Utility Kit

When I go out to take photos, I pack a utility kit containing basic items I might need. The idea is to keep this kit to a minimum so that I never hesitate to pack it (actually, just leave it in a pocket of my pack). Here is a photo:

My Camera Utility Kit

The kit contains (left to right):

Packed, the kit looks like this:

My Camera Utility Kit (Packed)

I have a business card taped to the inside front cover and an address sticker affixed to the side. The lens cloths keep things tightly packed and prevent rattling. The result is a sturdy, waterproof kit that fits in a pocket on my pack and stays there until I need it. This has supplied me with basics--spare battery, cover for rain, extra strap cord, remote, extra SD cards--many times while out in the field. It is nice to know I always have it--I don't have to think about packing this stuff.

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