A Hong Kong Album

by John December

I traveled to Hong Kong in August 1996 and May 1997 to give talks at the Second and Third Hong Kong Web Symposia. These pictures are from my 1997 trip.

Hong Kong Kowloon
- Troubled Sky
- Ladder Street
- Peak View
- Star Ferry Crossing the Harbor
- Peak Sunset
- Tai Ping Shan Street
- Alley off Tai Ping Shan Street
- Centre Street
- Street Market, Central
- Storefronts, Central
- Escalator, Mid Levels
- Exchange Square, Central
- Skyline and Outer Ferry Terminal
- Sheung Wan Skyline
- Heading East Out of Hong Kong Harbor
- Entering Hong Kong Harbor from the East
- Skyline and Sampan
- Star Ferry Terminal
- Chung Wan Skyline
- Sai Ying Pun Skyline
- Skyline, HSBC Building, New MTR Station Construction
- Crowd at Statue Square in front of HSBC Building
- Man Mo Temple Street View
- Man Mo Temple Altar
- Man Mo Temple Interior
- Sundown on the Peak
- Possession Street and Queen's Road
- Tonkin Street
- Prince of Wales Building and Skyline
- Star Ferry and HSBC Building
- Streetcars

Here are more pictures of the Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Hong Kong headquarters than probably you'd ever want to look at. I studied this building in an architecture course and was happy to be able to see it in person.

- HSBC Building North Facade
- HSBC Building Struts
- HSBC Building East Side
- HSBC Building North Facade
- HSBC Building North Facade [Upper]
- HSBC Building West Lion
- HSBC Building East Lion
- HSBC Building West Lion Face
- HSBC Building East Facade
- HSBC Building Lower North Facade
- HSBC Building South Bottom
- HSBC Inside Base
- HSBC Tablets on South Facade
- HSBC Building above Star Ferry
- HSBC Building and Star Ferry
- HSBC Building Northwest Corner
- HSBC Building Support, Looking North from Inside
- HSBC Building North Facade [with Tree]

Looking for a Poster of Hong Kong?

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Kowloon is the name of the Peninsula that lies just to the north of Hong Kong Island.

- Cultural Center Plaza
- Star Ferry Interior
- Dolphins [Statue]
- Habor Walk
- Container Port Under Construction
- The Peninsula
- Kowloon Park View
- Sampan Exhibit, Museum of History
- Outside the Mass Transit Railway Station, Tsuen Wan
- Sam Tung Uk Museum
- Public Housing, Cheung Sha Wan
- Space Shuttle Display

Aberdeen is a rapidly growing area on the south side of Hong Kong Island.

- Sampan
- New Buildings
- Harbor Boats
- Harbor Buildings
- Boat Factory
- Welcome to the Jumbo Floating Restaurant

Repulse Bay
Repulse Bay is on the south side of Hong Kong island, between Aberdeen and Stanley.

- Goats at Repulse Bay
- Good Luck Budda
- Skyline at Repulse Bay
- Beach, Repulse Bay

Cheung Chau
Cheung Chau is a small island approximately 10 km southwest off the coast of Hong Kong island. No cars are allowed on Cheung Chau.

- Street Leading to the Sea
- Harbor Entrance
- Harbor Boats
- Western Beach
- Ancient Carvings

Stanley is a small town on the south side of Hong Kong island.

- Shops
- Beach
- View to the Sea
- Stanley Fish
- Cutting Fish in the Market

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