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Los AngelesLos Angeles Books

item imageLos Angeles A to Z: An Encyclopedia of the City and County
by Leonard Pitt, Dale Pitt
Entries from Abdul-Jabbar to Zuma Beach cover people, places, events, and icons.
item imageStreetwise Los Angleles*excellent*
This excellent, laminated map shows a pedestrian-oriented view of city features and attractions. I have used Streetwise maps for years in cities around the world, and these maps have been the best souvenir and most enduring guide to the places I've visited. If you travel to LA, get this map. Also, check out Streetwise California.
item imageLos Angeles
by Tim Street-Porter
Shows off the land and scenes of LA in photographs.
item imageLonely Planet Los Angeles
by Andrea Schulte-Peevers
A compact and comprehensive guidebook illuminating the "glamour, eternal summer, [and] Left Coast follies" of Los Angeles.
item imageLos Angeles Magazine
Covers personalities, politics, economics, culture, commerce, restaurants, theater, television, art, film, books, sports, and entertainment.
item imageThe City: Los Angeles and Urban Theory at the End of the Twentieth Century
by Allen J. Scott (Preface), Edward W. Soja (Preface)
Essays examining LA's urban planning, architecture, geography, and sociology.
item imageEcology of Fear: Los Angeles and the Imagination of Disaster
by Mike Davis
Examines the conflux of the urban, natural, imaginative, and political in LA. See book notes.
item imageCity of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles
by Mike Davis
Traces LA's history from the 1840's Spanish farms to the 1992 riots.
item imageAfoot and Afield in Los Angeles
by Jerry Schad
Humans actually walk in LA? Yes--this book shows 192 hikes described in detail with trips organized into specific areas. Illustrated; detailed maps.
item imageResident Tourist: Los Angeles
by Kelly Mayfield, Chuck Mindenhall, Aaron M. Fontana
The LA beyond the Tar Pits and Hollywood sign.
item imageTwilight: Los Angeles, 1992
by Anna Deavere Smith
Words of the people who experienced the Los Angeles riots of 1992.
item imagePaul Jasmin: Lost Angeles
by Paul Jasmin, Bruce Weber, Sofia Coppola
Photographs by Paul Jasmin of people in LA. Essays by Bruce Weber and Sofia Coppola.
item imageThe Whole Equation: A History of Hollywood
by David Thomson
Covers film, filmmakers, culture, and gossip that make up the history of the town synonymous with movies.

Los AngelesLos Angeles Movies

item imageL.A. Story (1991)
Starring: Steve Martin, Victoria Tennant, et al. Director: Mick Jackson (II)
item imageTrue Blue: The Dramatic History of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Told by the Men Who Lived It
by Steve Delsohn
item imageLos Angeles Lakers NBA Champions
Starring: Los Angeles Lakers, et al.
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