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MiamiMiami Books

item imageStreetwise Miami
by Streetwise Maps
This excellent, laminated map shows a pedestrian-oriented view of city features and attractions. I have used Streetwise maps for years in cities around the world. These maps have been the best souvenir and most enduring guide to the places I've visited. If you travel to Miami, get this map.
item imageMiami City of Dreams
by Alan Maltz, Les Standiford
Phography collection showing off Miami's cityscapes and landscapes.
item imageMiami Then & Now
by Arva Moore Parks, Carolyn Klepser
Shows contemporary and historic photographs and captions.
item imageMiami Vice
The television show that defined a look and re-ignited Miami's image in the national consciousness.
item image'Cane Mutiny: How the Miami Hurricanes Overturned the Football Establishment
by Bruce Feldman
The Miami Hurricanes' success on the field and problems off the field.
item imageThree Guys from Miami Cook Cuban
by Glenn M. Lindgren, Raul Musibay, and Jorge Castillo
Cuban food from Three Guys from Miami.
item imageMiami: City of the Future
by T. D. Allman
Explores Miami's history and transformation over time. The author participates in and immerses himself in Miami's vices, places, people, and fast times of the mid-1980's "Miami Vice" era. See book notes.
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