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MilwaukeeMilwaukee Books

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Milwaukee County Zoo *new*
by Darlene Winter, Elizabeth Frank, Mary Kazmierczak
"From the inception of the Milwaukee County Zoo at West Park in 1892, the citizens of Milwaukee have worked diligently to make it one of the finest zoos in the country. Their tireless effort and faith were rewarded. The zoo experienced many firsts, including the first polar bear born in captivity in North America, and was home to Samson, one of the largest gorillas in captivity. Throughout its history, the zoo also gained fame for innovative exhibit design. The zoo has flourished through the cooperation of Milwaukee County and the Zoological Society of Milwaukee. This public-private relationship has existed successfully since 1910." -- Product Description
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Maritime Milwaukee
by Wisconsin Marine Historical Society
"In 1778, the first sailing vessel with cargo holds, the Archange, a schooner built for prominent British trader John Askin, found 'quiet waters' in Milwaukee Bay. These quiet waters and the Milwaukee, Menomonee, and Kinnickinnic Rivers made Milwaukee a favorable destination for early settlers. Maritime Milwaukee explores the growth of the city's port and three riverfronts through a variety of photographs spanning the 1800s to the present thanks to the archival preservation of collections by the Port of Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Public Library, and the Wisconsin Marine Historical Society." -- Product Description
"The Wisconsin Marine Historical Society, located in and affiliated with the Milwaukee Public Library, is dedicated to promoting interest in discovering, collecting, recording, disseminating, and preserving materials related to the history of the Great Lakes. Founded in 1959, it has helped maintain the vast Great Lakes Marine Collection located in the Milwaukee Public Library. The society has grown from a world of paper, pencils, and typewriters to the age of technology. With databases and primary sources, searching history has been made easier than ever." -- About the Author
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Milwaukee's Early Architecture
by Megan E. Daniels
"Milwaukee developed from three pioneer settlements, those of Solomon Juneau, Byron Kilbourn, and George Walker--three hubs from which three villages radiated outward into one city." -- Product Description
"Images from Milwaukee's Historic Preservation Commission and the Milwaukee Public Library were selected by author Megan Daniels to narrate Milwaukee's architectural history as it responded to the city's development and historical events." -- Product Description
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Fractured Tales of Milwaukee's Eastside
by Thelma Queen Tillie Kamuchey (Author), Jim Rabbi Hanley (Contributor)
A True Story About the Germans, the Poles, the Irish, the Jews, the Italians, and the Greeks
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Soul of a Port: The History and Evolution of the Port of Milwaukee (WI)
by Leah Dobkin
Recounts the history of the Port of Milwaukee.

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Moon Milwaukee and Madison (Moon Handbooks)
by Thomas Huhti
"Born and bred 'Cheesehead' Thomas Huhti offers an insider's view of cities Milwaukee and Madison, from the pubs and the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee to the eclectic weekly farmer's market and abundant biking trails in Madison. Thomas provides travel strategies such as 7-Day Best of Milwaukee & Madison, exploring the German and beer-based culture of Milwaukee and hitting up the often-overlooked outdoors recreation available in Madison." --from the Product Description.
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Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin Bike Map 2nd Edition (Map)
by Bruce Thompson (Author), Doug Shidell (Editor), Mike Wohnoutka (Illustrator)
"The 2nd edition is now on tear and water resistant paper. Updated road routes and bike trails, more detailed inset maps and sharper graphics make this the best bike map available for Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin. Coverage: Detailed maps of Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Waukesha, Mukwonago and parts of Brookfield. Larger scale overview map of SE Wisconsin from the Illinois border to Port Washington and west to Lake Geneva. Highlights: Complete network of bicycle friendly roads and bike trails. All routes have been field tested by an experienced local rider and checked by other riders. Features: Full color map 22 X 34 inches, two sided. Milwaukee's signature Oak Leaf Trail is clearly marked. Selected locations for parking, drinking water, restrooms and points of interest. Clear and easy-to-understand graphics. 100% to scale. About the paper: Printed on tear and water resistant Polyart paper. Will hold up to sweaty jersey pockets, sudden storms, chaotic handlebar packs and overstuffed panniers." --from the Product Description.
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German Milwaukee: Its History-Its Recipes
by Trudy Knauss Paradis, E. J. Brumder, Robin Paradis-Kent
"This book, by history and photograph, recipe and anecdote, recounts the lately forgotten story of the Germans in Milwaukee and the profound influence these German-speaking immigrants and their descendants had upon the dynamic city of today. Author Trudy Knauss Paradis, with the assistance of E.J. Brumder, beautifully sets forth this extraordinary history; from the early German-speaking arrivals to Milwaukee County in the 1830s, to the vibrant 'German Athens on Lake Michigan' which these immigrants and their children created, to the suppression of German identity following the two World Wars, to the renaissance of German ancestral pride of today. Together, Ms. Knauss Paradis, Director-in-Charge of Cultural Exhibition for German Fest Milwaukee and a child of German-born immigrants; and Mr. Brumder, local historian and scion of the Brumder German-language publishing empire, provide a well-rounded view of not only what it has meant and still means to be 'German' in Milwaukee, but also an insightful portrayal of an often brilliant, culturally vibrant and always industrious community which has enriched Milwaukee at every conceivable level. " --from the Product Description.
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Milwaukee's Soldiers Home (Images of America)
by Patricia A. Lynch
"As the country sought healing and peace after the Civil War, Wisconsin citizens took up Pres. Abraham Lincoln's challenge 'to care for him who shall have borne the battle.' Their efforts paved the way for the establishment in Milwaukee of one of the original three branches of the National Asylum for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers. In May 1867, the first 60 veterans, including a musician from the War of 1812, moved to a single building on 400 rolling acres west of Milwaukee. By the end of the 19th century, the bustling campus boasted its own hospital, chapel, library, theater, and recreation hall, in addition to the grand main building. Subsequent wars and military conflicts created a need for additional buildings and services. Designated a National Historic Landmark in 2011, the campus continues to offer a healing environment for today's patients and stands as a testimony to advances in veteran health care." --from the Product Description.
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German Milwaukee (Images of America) (Paperback)
by Jennifer Watson Schumacher
"German immigrants began arriving to Milwaukee in the 1830s. By 1859, over one-third of the city was German. They opened schools and churches, started businesses, ran for office, and introduced professional German theater, art, and music to the city. Milwaukee soon became known throughout the United States-—and even abroad-—as the 'German Athens of North America.' There is a reason Milwaukee is known as the city of beer and brats, why it is here that the biggest Germanfest in the country takes place, and why still today the German language can be seen and heard throughout the city." --from the Product Description.
item imageThe Making of Milwaukee** excellent **
by John Gurda
Written by a recognized expert in Milwaukee history, this is the story of Milwaukee from its origins up until a year before the end of the 20th century. Highly recommended.
item image Making Milwaukee Mightier: Planning and the Politics of Growth, 1910-1960
by John M. Mccarthy
This book looks at Milwaukee's history during a period when the city grew in surface area but declined in terms of its population rank among American cities.
item image Riverwest: A community history
by Thomas L Tolan
Describes the history of the land west of the Milwaukee River in Milwaukee, Wisconsin north of North Avenue that is known as "Riverwest."
item imageMilwaukee's Live Theater *new*
by Jonathan West
Tells the story of theater in Milwaukee.
item imageMilwaukee Braves: Heroes and Heartbreak
by William Povletich
Tells the story of the team that won the 1957 World Series baseball championship.
item imageThe American Association Milwaukee Brewers
by Rex Hamann, Bob Koehler
The story of 51 seasons (1902-1952) at Milwaukee's Borchert Field.
item imageMilwaukee Television History: The Analog Years
by Dick Golembiewski
Traces the history, people, technology, and shows from the 1930's onward in Milwaukee, the city where the first application for a commercial TV license was filed with the FCC in 1938.
item imageThe Miller Beer Barons: The Frederick Miller Family and Its Brewery
by Tim John The story of Fredrick J. Miller and his descendents.
item imageMilwaukee Sketchbook
by Fran Bauer
A group of 16 art students at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design walked the city of Milwaukee with sketchbooks in hand. The 123 landmarks and scenes captured in the students' artwork and reproduced in the Milwaukee Sketchbook showcase the results of those artistic explorations.
item imageMilwaukee's Brady Street Neighborhood
by Frank D. Alioto
Explore fascinating Brady Street in photos.
item imageMilwaukee County Parks
by Laurie Muench Albano
The story behind Milwaukee County's 60 square kilometers of parkland.
item imageEntertainment in Early Milwaukee
by Larry Widen
Shows off the amusements of early Milwaukee--amusement parks, theaters, people, and places.
item imageHistoric Photos of Milwaukee
by Elizabeth Chasco
item imageCream City Chronicles: Stories of Milwaukee's Past
by John Gurda
This is a compilation of the author's columns about Milwaukee history from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.
item imageMilwaukee Then and Now
by Sandra Ackerman
Compares archival photographs of Milwaukee to contemporary images. Over 100 photographs.
item imageSilver Screens: A Pictorial History of Milwaukee's Movie Theaters
by Larry Widen, Judi Anderson
Shows the great movie theaters from the past, when theater architecture delighted and dazzled.
item imageMilwaukee, Wisconsin
by Richard Klatte Prestor
Shows photos of Milwaukee showing life in the period 1862 to 1949.
item imageMilwaukee Fire Department
by Wayne Mutza
Former Milwaukee firefighter Wayne Mutza shows off the technical and social history of firefighters in Milwaukee.
item imageLife Lines: Stories from the Firehouse
by Wayne Mutza
Former Milwaukee firefighter Wayne Mutza tells of his experience fighting fires in Milwaukee.
item imageMilwaukee Police Department
by Maralyn A. Wellauer-Lenius
Organized in 1855, MPD has a long and proud history, and this book describes the story in words and photographs.
item imageIrish Milwaukee
by Martin Hintz
Tells about the Irish community in Milwaukee using photographs, spanning the time from early immigration to the annual Irish Fest.
item imageChinese Milwauke
by David B. Holmes, Wenbin Yuan
The story of Chinese who came to Milwaukee.
item imageItalian Milwauke
by Martin Hintz, Mario A. Carini
The story of Italians who came to Milwaukee for jobs and settled in neighborhoods such as the Third Ward, Brady Street, and Bay View.
item imageJewish Milwaukee
by Martin Hintz
Tells the story of the Milwaukee Jewish community's heritage and formation.
item imageLatinos in Milwaukee
by Joseph A. Rodriguez and Walter Sava
Shows the development of Milwaukee’s Latino beginning as a Colonia Mexicana in the 1920s to the present time when more than 100,000 Latinos live in Milwaukee.
item imageMilwaukee's Bronzeville, 1900-1950
by Paul H. Geenen
Traces the growth of the community along Walnut Street that came to be known as Milwaukee’s Bronzeville.
item imageBronzeville A Milwaukee Lifestyle
by Ivory A. Black, Avory A. Black
Tells of the social and cultural life of the area of Bronzeville.
item imageBuilding a Masterpiece: Milwaukee Art Museum
by Milwaukee Art Museum, Franz Schulze, Russell Bowman (Introduction)
Tells the story of Milwaukee Art Museum's addition, designed by Spanish engineer-architect Santiago Calatrava, hailed by Time magazine as the #1 design innovation for 2001. See also the "Calatrava" photos in the MKE album.
item imageSantiago Calatrava: Milwaukee Art Museum, Quadracci Pavilion
by David Gordon (Foreword), Cheryl Kent, Jeff Millies (Photographer)
item imageMilwaukee Road Depots: 1856 Through 1954 Photo Archive
by Kim D. Tschudy
Photos of the depots that were the centers of communities along the railroad.
item imageThe Milwaukee Neighborhood Map
by Big Stick, Inc
See 189 Milwaukee neighborhoods hand-drawn in color on a map!
item imageIlluminating the Particular: Photographs of Milwaukee's Polish South Side
by Christel T. Maass, Roman B. J. Kwasniewski (Photographer)
Shows the everyday life of the immigrant experience in Milwaukee's Polish community during the early decades of the 20th century.
item imageByron Kilbourn and the Development of Milwaukee
by Goodwin Berquist, Paul C. Bowers
Biography of Byron Kilbourn (1801-1870), developer of early Milwaukee, a Milwaukee alderman, and elected two times mayor in 1848 and 1854.
item imageVintage Milwaukee Postcards
by Larry Widen
250 classic postcard images depict Milwaukee's old theaters, hotels, restaurants, streets and more.
item imageCity-building In America
by Anthony M Orum
This book uses Milwaukee history as a case study to make its main point: the building of cities is marked not just by the conflict between city growth and social equity, but also a life cycle that can be summarized by stages of growth and decline made more dramatic by city v. suburban conflicts.See book notes.
item imageMilwaukee
by Todd Dacquisto
A paperback collection of color photographs showing off Milwaukee.
item imageThis Is Milwaukee
by Robert W. Wells
Recalls Milwaukee's history: the bridge wars, the red light districts, gambling, riots, clandestine stills, and more.
item imageCop's Kid: A Milwaukee Memoir
by Mel C. Miskimen
A memoir of growing up as the child of a Milwaukee police officer.
item imageBucket Boy: A Milwaukee Legend
by Ernest L Meyer
Covers early German life in Milwaukee
item imageOut at the Soldiers' home
by Elizabeth Frances Corbett
A young girl grows up among Civil War veterans at Wood, Wisconsin.
item imageThe Milwaukee Story: The making of an American city
by H Russell Austin
Beertown Blazes: A Century of Milwaukee Firefighting
R.L. Nailen
item imageMilwaukee Streets: The Stories Behind Their Names
by Carl Baehr, Ellen Baehr
Eight hundred Milwaukee street names and the stories behind them.
item imageGreater Milwaukee's Growing Pains, 1950-2000: An Insider's View
by Richard W. Cutler
A view on Milwaukee's politics in the late 20th century.
item imageCity-Smart Guidebook: Milwaukee
by Nathan Guequierre
Delves into the fascinating aspects of Milwaukee for the resident and visitor alike.
item imageDay Trips from Milwaukee: Getaways Less Than Two Hours Away
by Martin Hintz, Daniel Hintz
Ideas for travel beyond the city: glacial hills, air museum, Chocolate Festival, and more.
item imageThe Wright State: Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin
by Jonathan Lipman, Neil Levine, Frank Lloyd Wright, Milwaukee Art Museum (Corporate Author)
Shows how Wright’s Wisconsin roots influenced his ideas and practice.
The Chronicles of Milwaukee: Being a Narrative History of the Town from Its Earliest Period to the Present
A.C. Wheeler
Milwaukee the History of a City
Bayrd Still
item imageMilwaukee: City by the Waters (Urban Tapestry Series)
by Bob Uecker (Introduction), Bob Kimball (Editor)
This enormous coffee-table picture book shows off Milwaukee's slick and gritty sides.
item imageTrading Post to Metropolis: Milwaukee County's First One Hundred and Fifty Years
by Ralph M. Aderman
item imageThe Milwaukee Road: The First Hundred Years
by August William Derleth, Roger H. Grant (Introduction), H. Roger Grant (Introduction)
Traces the railroad incorporated in 1847 in Wisconsin Territory that grew to operate in twelve states with 40,000 employees and 16 megameters of lines in 1948 to its absorption in 1985 into the Soo Line.
item imageThe Milwaukee Road 1928-1985
by Jim Scribbins
item imageThe Milwaukee Road Revisited
Stanley W. Johnson
Milwaukee Road in Its Hometown: In and Around the City of Milwaukee (Golden Years of Railroading Series)
Jim Scribbins
Milwaukee Road 1850 Through 1960: Photo Archive: Photographs from the State Historical Society of Wisconsin (Photo Archive Series)
item imageThe Mayor Who Made Milwaukee Famous: An Autobiography
Henry W. Maier
item imageHarley-Davidson: The Milwaukee Marvel
Harry V. Sucher
Growing Up Harley-Davidson: Memoirs of a Motorcycle Dynasty
by Jean Davidson, Arthur Davidson
Jean Davidson's grandfather was Walter Davidson, one of the four founders and the first president of Harley-Davidson.
German-American Urban Culture: Writers & Theaters in Early Milwaukee
by Peter C. Merrill
America's Great Circus Parade: Its Roots, Its Revival, Its Revelry
Charles Philip Fox, C. P. Fox
Kidding Around Milwaukee: What to Do, Where to Go, and How to Have Fun in Milwaukee (Kidding Around)
Sharon Hart Addy
One Nation, Many Tribes: How Kids Live in Milwaukee's Indian Community (A World of My Own)
Kathleen Krull, David Hautzig (Photographer)
Total Braves
John Thorn (Editor), et al
A Case Study in Us Urban Leadership: The Incumbency of Milwaukee Mayor Henry Maier
Martin Gruberg
Dreams & Secrets: New Work by Milwaukee Writers
Jame B. Kremsreiter (Editor)
The Fifties and Beyond in Milwaukee
Harold Gauer
The German Immigrant Press in Milwaukee (American Ethnic Groups)
Carl Heinz. Knoche
German-American Artists in Early Milwaukee: A Biographical Dictionary
Peter Merrill (Compiler)
item imageThe Healthiest City: Milwaukee and the Politics of Health Reform
by Judith Walzer Leavitt
item imageHard Water: Politics And Water Supply In Milwaukee, 1870-1995
by Kate Foss-Mollan
Examines formation, growth, and change in the Water Department of Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 1870-1995.
Joycean Occasions: Essays from the Milwaukee James Joyce Conference
Janet E. Dunleavy, et al
Milwaukee Braves: A Baseball Eulogy
Bob Buege
Black Milwaukee: The Making of an Industrial Proletariat, 1915-45 (Blacks in the New World)
by Joe William, Jr. Trotter
item imageMilwaukee Magazine
Magazine covering Milwaukee culture and attractions; feature articles, regular departments on lifestyle, personalities, restaurants, events, education, and arts.
item imageStreet Guide-Milwaukee: Milwaukee, Waukesha And Portions of Racine & Kenosha, Washington, and Oz Counties
by Rand McNally & Company
Maps showing: Brookfield, Delafield, Franklin, Greenfield, Kenosha, Menomonee Falls, Mequon, Milwaukee, Oconomowoc, Racine, Waukesha, Wauwatosa, West Allis. Lay-flat spiral binding; the Guide includes a digital version on CD-ROM for desktop mapping and route planning. Dimensions: 8.5" x 11".
item imageEasyfinder-Milwaukee
by Rand McNally & Company
Map of Milwaukee that easily folds to display individual sections; laminated design allows you to mark your route, make notes, then wipe the surface clean for further use. Measures 9" x 4.25" folded; 18" x 17" unfolded.

MilwaukeeMade in Milwaukee

item imageMajor League (1989)
This is the first of the "Major League" movies (the funny one). Filmed partly at the old County Stadium.
item imageAmerican Movie: The Making of Northwestern
Winner at Sundance. Now on DVD Starring: Mark Borchardt, Mike Schank, et al. Director: Chris Smith. Documentary. The story of Mark Borchardt's struggle to make his movie, "Coven," which he intends to sell to fund his movie "Northwestern." The DVD includes "Coven."
item imageMr. 3000, starring Bernie Mac
Bernie becomes a Brewer to retake his 3000-hit record. Filmed at Milwaukee's Miller Park. Moderately favorable to tepid reviews for its theatrical release. Now on DVD.
item imageChump Change
"Milwaukee Steve" Burrows directs and stars in this loosely semi-autobiographical pic about his adventures in acting, commercials, screenwriting, and Hollywood; filmed in LA and in some scenes in the Milwaukee area; shows off Milwaukee at its snowiest, coldest, and cheesiest.
item imageMilwaukee, Minnesota
A film noir in color and "my college film" are the characterizations director Allan Mindel claims for his film. With its oversaturated colors and quirky camera work, it is pretty to look at, but except for Bruce Dern's solid performance, the acting, too, is oversaturated. Shows off Milwaukee's Bay View neighborhood far colder than it actually was while filming--some of the "snow" in the film is actually shaving cream. (In truth, Milwaukee's annual average temperature is close to that of Toronto, and Milwaukee actually gets less snow than Toronto. Of course, if you think Toronto is an icebox, that doesn't make Milwaukee sound all that moderate.)

MilwaukeeMilwaukee Authors

item imageParis by the Book
by Liam Callanan
Associate professor at the University of Wisconsin--Milwauke.
item imageThe Wealth of Cities: Revitalizing the Centers of American Life
by John O. Norquist (former mayor of Milwaukee)
Norquist makes the case for human-centered cities to re-ignite the dynamic energy inherent in urban areas. See book notes.
item imageBoomerang
by Brenda Cardenas
Poet Laureate of Milwaukee (2010-2012)
item imageMilwaukee Does Strange Things to People: New and Selected Poems 1979-2007
by Susan Firer
Poet Laureate of Milwaukee (2008-2009)
item imageThe Laugh We Make When We Fall
by Susan Firer
Poems; Backwaters Prize winner for 2001. Firer was born and has lived most of her life in Milwaukee.
The Lives of the Saints and Everything
by Susan Firer
Poems; Cleveland State University Poetry Series.
item imageNorth Point North: New and Selected Poems
by John Koethe
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee philosophy professor and former Poet Laureate of Milwaukee (2000-2001)
item imageAntler: The Selected Poems
by Antler
Often published in literary magazines and winner of the Walt Whitman Award, a Pushcart Prize, and the Witter Bynner Prize from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, Antler is a former Poet Laureate of Milwaukee (2002-2003)
item imageShadows Like These: Poems
by Marilyn Taylor
Former Poet Laureate of Milwaukee (2004-2005)
item imageThe Complete Poems of Carl Sandburg
by Carl Sandburg (lived in Milwaukee as a journalist).
item imageThe Lemon Tree: An Arab, a Jew, and the Heart of the Middle East
by Sandy Tolan (grew up in Milwaukee).
item imageMe and Hank: A Boy and His Hero, Twenty-Five Years Later
by Sandy Tolan (grew up in Milwaukee).
item imageTombstone Blues
by Larry Widen
An exploration of the Mississippi Delta, Memphis, and Chicago and interviews with musicians.
item imageThe Turk and My Mother: A Novel
by Mary Helen Stefaniak
A native of Milwaukee, Stefaniak received the 2005 John Gardner Fiction Book Award from Binghamton University for this novel.
item imageThe Bradley Legacy: Lynde and Harry Bradley, Their Company, and Their Foundation
by John Gurda
The Quiet Company: A Modern History of Northwestern Mutual Life
by John Gurda
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